Slash the cost of your stay in Montego Bay, Jamaica by following these tips.

A perfect Caribbean vacation doesn’t have to be expensive, although it easily can be. Getting there and paying for the accommodations, activities, food, drink, transportation, and souvenirs can all add up very fast. How do you enjoy a tropical paradise doing the things you want to do while keeping costs reasonable?

There are certainly ways to save on the Caribbean vacation while still luxuriating and maybe even getting a more authentic experience.

Choose an island served by low-cost airline carriers.

Some Caribbean islands are more accessible and popular than others, and more airline carriers fly to these more-popular islands. This means that, as a passenger, you enjoy more options: regarding which U.S. city to fly from, whether to fly non-stop, whether to buy a regular or discounted ticket.

The low-price U.S. carriers that fly to the Caribbean include Air Tran Airways and JetBlue, which fly in from major U.S. cities like Chicago and Miami. JetBlue also has flights between the islands, e.g., between destinations like Puerto Rico and St. Thomas.

American Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta all fly frequently from the United States to Jamaica. These carriers fly to Montego Bay:

  • American Airlines
  • Caribbean Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • JetBlue
  • Southwest Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines
  • United Airlines

Find out the average cost of flights from your point of departure to the island you’re going to, and be on the lookout for the days when it’s cheaper to fly.

Choose the right time of year.

The best time to visit Jamaica is from November to mid-December, when the average temperature is 80°F and the flight deals are plentiful. December to April is peak travel season. Although summer is also a good time to visit, it’s hurricane season in the Caribbean.

A tropical climate means beach weather all year round with only slight variations in temperature. Montego Bay has its coldest weather in January, when the average temperature is 82°F, and its hottest weather in July, when the average temperature is a little more than 90°F. September to December are the wettest months.

Consider visiting during the so-called shoulder season, when it’s less crowded but the weather is still amazing — from mid-April to May and from November to mid-December. If you visit during the low season, in summer, things will definitely be quieter, but you may want to invest in travel insurance in case of a hurricane.

Know what your lodging includes.

Even at all-inclusive resorts, prices rarely cover every single expense, so check before booking. Water activities, spa services, tours, gym access, and airport transfers are just some of the benefits that may cost extra.

Most big resorts and smaller, locally owned hotels, guesthouses, and private villas like Coconut Cottage incorporate a lot of amenities into the price of the stay. At Coconut Cottage, our amenities include a complimentary membership to the Round Hill Resort, a 12-passenger van and personal driver available to you 24/7, and a freestanding gym.

Are you traveling with children? Some hotels and resorts allow kids under 12 to stay for free, or they offer other family-friendly packages. You may be able to avoid packing certain items that are provided by your lodging; check beforehand. At Coconut Cottage, we have kid-friendly games and equipment like video game consoles, hammocks, pool toys, and a ping-pong table. We can also provide you with a pack ‘n play, crib, or wagon; and we can connect you with a reputable nanny service.

Some kid-friendly family destinations have daily programs for families as well as activities just for kids. Round Hill’s Pineapple Kids Club and 7-Up Club, which Coconut Cottage guests enjoy access to, cater to young children and teens. Round Hill’s dining options include a kids menu, and our chefs at Coconut Cottage can accommodate even the finickiest eaters.

Traveling in a group? Rent a private Jamaica villa.

Smaller, locally owned properties tend to be more intimate and less expensive than the big resorts. The former provide excellent value, more space and amenities for groups and families, greater privacy, and more personalized attention. You can also save money by buying your own groceries and not eating out all the time.

To avoid being separated from the members of your group, simply book several rooms or suites to accommodate everyone. The five suites at Coconut Cottage provide the right balance of privacy and togetherness, with suites just steps away from each other while providing separate bathrooms and shared verandas.

During your stay in our private luxury villa, we’ll be happy to help you create your itinerary so that you can fall in love with Montego Bay at your leisure.

Ready for your luxurious Caribbean adventure? Make a reservation or contact us with questions about the property, amenities, and availability.