A unique Montego Bay experience with catering by a dedicated staff.

Once upon a time, the five-star hotel was the most coveted vacation experience, one that embodied luxury. Now, though, private upscale villas have redefined the hospitality industry in vacation settings like the Caribbean by giving you personalized service, exotic locations, and a sense of easy privacy. Today’s travelers focus on wellness, personalized service, and independence.

There are so many fun advantages to staying in a private luxury villa like Coconut Cottage.

You have much more space . . .

Villas like Coconut Cottage are cottages in name only. In fact, Coconut Cottage is a sprawling compound with plenty of indoor and outdoor space for the whole family or a larger group to enjoy. Resorts typically give you a room or two with a basic kitchenette. But villas often sport grand bedrooms, open kitchens, spacious lounges, porches, decks, balconies, verandahs, and tropical gardens.

Like resorts, villas are professionally designed. But they have much greater scope to display art, add personal touches with antique or reclaimed wood furniture, and furnish outdoor spaces with cozy conveniences like hammocks and day beds. Hotels and especially hotel chains tend to be restricted to a uniform look that doesn’t exactly inspire you.

. . . yet all the amenities of a Caribbean resort as well.

A villa offers most of the amenities that a resort would, plus a few more. With Coconut Village, you also get complimentary membership to Round Hill ‑‑ the best of both worlds. Like resorts, villas typically offer a private pool, laundry facilities, transfers to the airport, an on-call driver, and Wi-Fi. But a luxury villa offers the definite bonus of access to an incredible, often secluded location. You are guaranteed a front-row seat to stunning seascapes . . .  without the crowd.

You can create unique memories . . .

Having a special place all to yourself gives you the greatest possible freedom to be spontaneous, to relax, to do all the things that you enjoy. Whether it’s lingering at the dinner table with your family, gathering on the verandah every night for a happy hour, playing Ping-Pong with the kids, or lounging the day away with a book, the environment couldn’t be more hospitable and congenial. If you want to arrange an intimate get-together or a big family reunion, we will help you realize it on your terms. Big hotels just can’t match this level of personalization.

. . . as a couple, family, or group.

When groups of families travel together, the necessity of staying in separate rooms can limit quality time. At a private villa, everyone is under one roof, free to dine together, socialize in common areas, or find a secluded place for some alone time. Coconut Cottage works well for families with small children. All suites are just steps away from each other, yet completely separate. This means that if your kids happen to be boisterous, you don’t have to worry that their high-volume high spirits are intruding on the space or solitude of other vacationers.

You can enjoy complete privacy . . .

What could be more luxurious than being able to isolate yourself from hundreds of strangers and have the place all to yourself? Simple peace and quiet can be wonderful. Having the place to yourself can save a lot of time and headaches — no lines to the treadmills at the gym, no waking up early to reserve the beach chair, no sharing the pool with other people’s kids. And if you want to have a family karaoke one night, no raised eyebrows about wayward notes from other guests either.

. . . with the help of a dedicated staff.

Like most private villas, Coconut Cottage has dedicated staff on hand who will get to know you and your preferences very well, enabling them to custom-fit their services to your needs. They don’t hover, but they are there when you need them. Our full-time staff includes a professional chef, butler, housekeeper, gardener, laundress, and security officers. You will also have access to our complimentary 24/7 12-passenger van and personal driver.

You’ve found your Jamaican home away from home . . .

Coconut Cottage is more than a thoughtfully designed, luxurious accommodation. It’s a comfortable hideaway that invites you to settle in and relax. State-of-the-art amenities combined with the creature comforts of home create an authentic ambiance of home away from home.

. . . one that is flexible and makes sense financially.

Renting a private villa can save you money. You will often get a better rate and more space and amenities for your money at a villa than you can at a hotel. This is especially true in the case of groups and extended stays.

And you can really relax. Imagine: no restrictions on dining options. No missing the breakfast buffet because you slept in. No obeying somebody else’s schedule or itinerary. You create your own. And never have to worry about losing access to any amenities or equipment. Explore Montego Bay at your leisure and choose whatever food and drink experiences you want. The freedom to set your own schedule is another advantage of staying in a private luxury villa.

Ready for your luxurious Caribbean adventure? Make a reservation or contact us with questions about the property, amenities, and availability.