Six reasons you’ll want to return to Coconut Cottage and Montego Bay year after year.

Montego Bay (or Mo’Bay, as it’s known locally) is a melting pot of cultures steeped in centuries of history. That alone is immensely appealing. Add dazzlingly white sandy beaches, bright blue skies, and mesmerizing turquoise water, and you won’t be able to resist coming back to Montego Bay again and again.

Safe, sophisticated, and vibrant, Montego Bay offers both historic charm and the creature comforts of modern tropical living, qualities embodied in Coconut Cottage. You will fall in love with our panoramic views of the Caribbean, dancing to calypso under the stars, dining alfresco on freshly caught seafood, and Montego Bay’s exuberant art scene and nightlife. There are so many reasons to keep coming back.

  1. Jamaica’s culinary explosion of flavors.

The island’s culinary history is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines that has been brewing since the 1600s. Rich, varied, and flavorful, Jamaica’s cuisine blends local ingredients with the spices of the Caribbean. Be sure to try Jamaica’s national dish, ackee saltfish, a savory fruit with salt cod. It’s a breakfast or brunch favorite, and you can try it at Coconut Cottage courtesy of Chef Leighton. The breakfast staple johnny cakes, which are fluffy fried dumplings, goes well with saltfish.

Another Chef Leighton specialty also happens to be a local favorite — coconut basa — usually made with mild white fish like cod or tilapia. You can also dine on grilled red snapper tacos with mango salsa, jerk chicken, and freshly caught lobster.

  1. Stunning Montego Bay seascapes and tropical sights.

Coconut Cottage offers spectacular panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea and the evening lights of Montego Bay. But the entire area is amazing. The lush tropical landscape complements the clear blue skies and vibrant blue-and-green waters of the Caribbean.

Immerse yourself in the land and the history by touring the 18th-century Rose Hall Great House on a 6,600-acre hillside estate. The grounds and architecture are spectacular. Hike, swim, and cliff-dive at the Blue Hole and Secret Falls in the hills of St. Ann near Ocho Rios. Visit the world-famous Dunn’s River Falls, go horseback riding, or tour Round Hill’s gardens, including the orchard garden (access is included in your Round Hill membership).

  1. Year-round clement weather.

When Christopher Columbus anchored in Montego Bay in 1494, he reportedly named the bay Golfo de Buen Tiempo, or Fair Weather Gulf. Indeed, the average temperature of the coastal plains is 80ºF, ranging from 71ºF to 91ºF year-round, with the heat and humidity of the coast being tempered by regular northeastern trade winds. In short, a tropical paradise.

  1. Serious relaxation.

Your complimentary beach membership to the exclusive Round Hill Resort gives you access to their unmatched spa services at the Spa at Round Hill, located in a beautifully restored 18th-century plantation house on ten lush acres of beachfront lawn. The spa features authentic Jamaican treatments, outdoor Vichy showers, seaside massages, a full-service salon, a modern fitness center, an open-air yoga pavilion, and a pool.

If you don’t wish to leave the villa, we can arrange for our therapist to visit to provide you with on-site spa services.

  1. Coconut Cottage’s airport advantage.

Montego Bay’s Sangster International Airport is only twenty minutes from Coconut Cottage. For the duration of your stay with us, you’ll have your own personal driver and vehicle to take you wherever you wish to go ‑‑ available 24/7. Our driver can also take you to and from the airport.

  1. Privacy you just can’t get at a resort.

Nothing could be more luxurious and relaxing than having the entire villa exclusively reserved for your own family or group. You will enjoy peace and quiet that the bigger resorts just can’t provide. You will never miss breakfast because you slept late. You will have the gym and the pool all to yourself — not to mention front-row seats to enjoy the seascapes. Staying in a private luxury villa means you have maximum freedom to choose your own experiences, on your terms and on your schedule.

Ready for your Caribbean adventure? Book your stay with us and relax knowing you’ll enjoy every minute of your vacation.