What to Buy and Where to Buy It, Minutes From Your Exclusive Jamaica Villa

If you fall in love with Montego Bay’s stunning natural vistas, diverse nightlife, delicious cuisine, and laid-back vibe — and you will — you’ll also want take some of that magic home in the form of authentic souvenirs. From coffee to wood carvings, here are a few tips on what to pick up in Montego Bay.

Blue Mountain Coffee

While you’re in Montego Bay, chances are you will be served this coveted brand. Why not take home one of the best coffees in the world at a fraction of the price you’d have to pay for it back home? Grown at an elevation of 3,000 feet or more, Jamaica’s Blue Mountain Coffee is rich and smooth. But it is also expensive, especially when imported and sold elsewhere.


You can get a locally made straw hat for yourself to fend off the Jamaica sun, and these hats also make great gifts. There are many styles to choose from in the craft shops here. The same goes for Jamaica-brand clothes and accessories like T-shirts, belts, bracelets, and beach towels. Many feature the colors of the flag or images of popular Jamaican musicians. Leather sandals are another good local buy. All-natural and long-lasting, they make a practical and tasteful gift.

Coconut Wine Glasses

This popular souvenir is lightweight, easy to transport, and practical. Many craft vendors in Montego Bay sell these handcrafted wine glasses, which are made from real coconut shells. It’s an inexpensive way to add tropical flair to your kitchen and your get-togethers.

Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil

The local cold-pressed coconut oil is said to be one of the healthiest produced in the Caribbean. Grab some to use in cooking or as a cosmetic for hair and skin. A jar of it also makes a great gift for a health-conscious friend or family member.

Hot Sauce

Jamaican cuisine is often complemented by a variety of hot sauces that you can buy locally. Jamaican hot sauce typically includes scotch bonnet peppers, a very hot kind of chile pepper, as its main ingredient. There are also milder varieties made with banana and mango.

Jerk Seasoning

You may have sampled and enjoyed Jamaica’s famous jerk meats (or you can have our private chef at Coconut Cottage make it for you during your stay). You can recreate these flavors at home. Jerk seasoning rubs are widely available at local supermarkets and souvenir shops.


Jamaica boasts some amazing artists, so check out the local galleries and shops to find vibrant local art. Much of it is both top-quality and reasonably priced.


Jamaica is where this genre was born, so Jamaica is the place to find original and authentic Reggae music, including by artists you may never have heard of before. If you are looking for albums that are hard to track down elsewhere, talk to employees and proprietors at any local shop that sells music.


The island produces top-notch rum that is revered for its smooth texture. Pick up a bottle or two in local souvenir shops or during a tour of a local distillery. The most popular brand here is Appleton Estate Rum.

Wood Carvings

Bowls, trays, and animal figurines by local artisans would make a great gift for a collector back home, are easy to find in and around Montego Bay, and won’t break the bank. These works are often ingeniously carved using native cedar and mahogany.

When you don’t feel like straying far from the pool at Coconut Cottage, you can shop the Round Hill Gift Shop & Boutique for locally made gifts, clothing, and arts and crafts.

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